“Fantasia for Alto Saxophone and Band by Claude T. Smith “

Wonki Lee performs with New York Wind Orchestra conducted by Hana Kim.

“Paganini Lost by Jun Nagao”

Custom Trio plays NASA Conference 2018 in University of Cincinnati. Wonki Lee, Brandon Jinwoo Choi, saxophone / Kyung Eun Na, piano

“Duo Concertant by Jean-Baptiste Singelee”

Wonki Lee - Soprano Saxophone Brandon Jinwoo Choi - Alto Saxophone Kyung Eun Na - Piano

“J.S.Bach - Air on the G Stirng from Suite No.3 BWV 1068 “

Wonki Lee - Soprano Saxophone Jin-Ok Lee - Piano

“Scaramouche Vif by Darius Milhaud”

Wonki Lee - Alto Saxophone

Jin-Ok Lee - Piano

“Fantasie sur un thème original by Jules Demersseman”

Wonki Lee - Alto Saxophone

Jin-Ok Lee - Piano





Photos by Jiyang Chen